NID Housing Counseling Agency: A HUD approved organization
What is NID?
NID Housing Counseling Agency is a HUD-Approved housing counseling and community development agency with 45 local branch offices located in 22 states. NID provides direct client services and partners with private and public industry partners to improve partners’ access to hard-to-reach communities.
A Message to Our Clients and Partners:

Our exciting and completely redesigned website will be up and running by September 1, 2017. Our new site will get you faster and easier access to better information. We are sparing no effort to make it ‘state of the art’ user friendly. We proudly look forward to providing you with this upgraded level of service. Drop in and see if we can help you. Thank you for your patience.

Ray C. Carlisle, President NID Housing Counseling Agency.

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NID Housing Counseling Agency
National Office
Airport Corporate Centre
7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1030
Oakland, CA 94621

Phone: 510 268 9792
Fax: 510 268 9794
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Twitter: @NIDHousing